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The Associate Agent program provides business professionals seeking an entrepreneurial startup opportunity with access to a 24-month business support program and a nationally recognized brand. You will work with a mentor district manager/business coach who can help you establish additional skillsets for business success all while staying in your current position.


Farmers has one of the best Agency programs in the industry!


Initially, our opportunity will allow you to look at us and learn more on a part-time basis, while staying in your current position for up to 24 months. During this time, we will provide personalized in-depth training and sales support to help you become a professional agent...and see if our opportunity is right for you. You'll even earn full commissions during this training time.


  • We offer ownership and equity in your book of business


  • We have one of the best contracts in the industry


  • An initial part-time contract for up to 24 months, and the ability to keep your current appointments with other insurers

  • Upon successful program completion, available liquid assets requirement for conversion to any full time agency owner program will be waived

  • Best in class learning and development opportunities through the University of Farmers

  • Opportunity for conversion to a full time agency owner program after successful program completion, including applicable growth goals


We target the following incomes for the first 5 years of operations of our new agents:


  • Year 1 - $36,000-$60,000

  • Year 2 - $60,000-$90,000

  • Year 3 - $90,000-$120,000

  • Year 4 - $120,000-$150,000

  • Year 5 - $150,000-$250,000



*The terms, conditions, and availability of any of the above programs are subject to change. Please contact us for current bonus and Career opportunities.
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