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Farmers now has a unique opportunity that allows you to join our growing team while working out of the District Office for at least the first year.


The Flex program is designed to attract entrepreneurial-minded sales leaders seeking a startup opportunity that offers unlimited income potential combined with financial support to help you build a business you can call your own. 



Benefits of the Program:

  • Immediate economic interest in your business

  • Up to $2,500 signing bonus

  • Up to $18,000 bonus in leads credit

  • Opportunity to earn up to 200% on top of your regular commission for the first three years

  • District Office support with training and planning

  • Backing of a top rated insurance carrier 

  • Access to a huge portfolio of insurance lines and products


*The terms, conditions, and availability of any of the above programs are subject to change. Please contact us for current bonus and Career opportunities.
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