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The Retail program is designed to attract capitalized entrepreneurs seeking a start-up opportunity that maximizes their ROI and provides the financial support to rapidly grow.


Farmers now has a unique opportunity to join our growing team on a fast track to financial success!


Farmers Insurance provides a way for you to be self-employed and still have the support and training of a top rated insurance carrier. Never has it been easier to make money as an entrepreneur, with our new Retail Program, on day one, you will open the doors of a fully branded office with support staff and begin earning bonuses on top of regular commissions. These extra bonuses can be up to 300% on top of your regular commission for the first three years. This added bonus structure has been designed for maximum agency growth to kick start your career.


What we are looking for:


We are currently looking for individuals who have a proven background in building and managing a business venture. With a minimum of $50,000 of provable liquid assets, we assist you in locating an office and starting your business. Farmers Insurance gives you have access to a huge portfolio of products as well as access to an outside brokerage unit.  Candidates will have the ability to invest into their business and make decisions with ROI and cash flow in mind while receiving guidance from their District Office.



Benefits of the Program:


  • Immediate economic interest in your business

  • Immediate ability to sell your service and commission rights

  • Up to $5,000 signing bonus

  • Up to $18,000 bonus in leads credit

  • Annual bonuses on rolling 12-month new business Agent Eligible Premium, paid for the first 3 years

  • District Office support with training and planning

  • Backing of a top rated insurance carrier 

  • Access to a huge portfolio of insurance lines and products


*The terms, conditions, and availability of any of the above programs are subject to change. Please contact us for current bonus and Career opportunities.
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