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Jeff A., Purchased an Agency in 2015


I had a background in banking and worked for a few major banks over the last 15 years. I really didn’t like the corporate demands, with little to no flexibility, and honestly wasn’t getting paid for achieving results. I was insured by a Farmers Agent, and during a “policy review meeting” with him, we talked about his career with Farmers.  Ironically, his background was much like mine and he said I should “look into Farmers” and gave me a district manager to talk to.  I had a great meeting with the district manager and loved what I heard. I knew this was exactly the right career for me!

I bought a Farmers Insurance Agency in 2015 after learning about this opportunity avenue in detail from the district manager.  2 years later after buying it, my only regret was not joining Farmers 20 years ago. I love what I do and truly make a great living. I learn something new and interesting every day and delight in helping my clients (or clients to be) make the right choice in their insurance and financial matters.  And, as far as flexibility is concerned, my “dreams have come true.”

Chris H., Protégé Agent & Agency Owner in 2015 


I was born in China and I have been an entrepreneur for many years. In 2012, I immigrated to America, and continued to run a small electronics business that I started there. I enjoyed owning and operating my own small business, but the very long hours, and difficulty in managing so many aspects of my business were overwhelming. Profits were always thin as well, no matter how hard I worked.

A Farmers district manager contacted me through my Farmers Agent about career opportunities, I gave him a chance to talk to me on a new career. I was intrigued with what he shared with me and decided to give it a try…on “a part-time” basis.  Well, needless to say, I fell in love my new Farmers career and made a change to become a full time Agency Owner in 2015. The program I went through was perfect for me.

I now make far more money with Farmers, with far less hassles.  Plus, my income and business continues to grow every year. Thank you Farmers, and thank you to my district manager!

Angela A., Purchased an Agency in 2017


I was a wife, mother and working full-time in the medical field as a nursing assistant. The hours were long and I had little to no flexibility. I had worked in commercial insurance before, but things just didn’t come together for me.  Several months ago, I ran into a friend that is a Farmers Insurance Agent. He told me to talk to his district manager.  When I met with him, I was very excited about what he had shared with me and knew this is where I wanted to go!

I just purchased an Agency in February 2017, and all I can say is why didn’t I do this a long-time ago? It’s a dream opportunity and gives so much back to me, besides just making a living. I get great support, on-going training and my income continues to grow. Plus, my family life is awesome now. Thank you Farmers and to my district manager! 

Nancy C., CSR since 2007


I have worked with Farmers for over 10 years and love being a part of an Agency.  My role is well-defined and helping clients brings me a lot of joy. The agent I work for really helps develop me and gives me the flexibility I need in my life, while always making me feel appreciated. Plus, the customers make me feel appreciated too. I make a good living and find my work interesting. Farmers is amazing to my clients too!

Ana C., Agency Owner since 2009


I came to Farmers, having owned and operated a small food business franchise for several years. I worked long hours, and there were always problems. I met with a Farmers District Manager and quickly saw the opportunity. I love my career over the past 6 years, and helping my clients feels great! Financially, my rewards are way beyond what I ever imagined; having a family of six children, I need tremendous flexibility and a high income. I have both at Farmers.

Ken S., Agency Owner since 2008


I was in Real Estate sales and investing for nearly 30+ years and did very well, before I found the Farmers Agency opportunity through my District Manager. My only regret was not starting sooner. I love the freedom, financial security and growth, but most of all, I love all the free trips I have won throughout the years with Farmers.

Kevin B., Agency Owner since 1990


I have been an Agency Owner for nearly 25+ years and have appreciated my opportunity to help others, while I can help myself. I enjoy assisting my clients in their insurance and financial needs. I run an agency that focuses on a high-level of personalized service and reflects my personality. I look forward to going to my work every day!


Jeff Marchitello

Agency Owner, Beachwood, NJ, Industry Experience: 12 years experience- 5 of the 12 years I have owned a Farmers Agency.


Andrea Webster​

Agency Owner, Signal Hill, CA. Industry Experience: 14 years as a Farmers Agency Owner

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