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It's time to jump start your career and learn why, Farmers has

become one of the BEST opportunities in the insurance industry.


Ever owned a business or franchise? Worked in insurance before? Haven't worked in insurance at all? No matter. If you're a go-getter, you've got what it takes to own your own Farmers small business. We'll help you reap the rewards. Here's why you should do it:


  • Fulfill your entrepreneurial spirit

  • Live life on your terms

  • Enjoy unlimited income potential

  • Win various trips and vacations all paid for by Farmers

  • Qualify for recognition awards for your efforts, beyond just earning money

  • Get world-class training

  • Provide information as customers make decisions at every life stage

  • The ability to secure outside product lines, pass your agency to a family member under "family rights", receive "contract value" directly from Farmers, and the ability to sell your Agency on the open marketplace to a "qualified buyer"


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